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Machine Shop Locations in South Carolina (4 locations), Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Alabama.

One of the reasons companies choose to work with Alpha Manufacturing for their machining needs, is our diverse range of capabilities. Yes, we have many state of the art CNC machines, but our multiple locations allow us the opportunity to scale up as necessary to accommodate high volume machining projects.

Our CNC machining services include CNC milling, CNC turning and Swiss machining. In addition, we offer precision surface grinding services, metal bending and forming, brass and bronze castings. Capabilities include machined castings as well.

Depending on your requirements and quantities, we may use one or more of our plant locations to complete your project. This flexibility allows us to meet deadlines and output quantities of accurately machined parts that other machine shops can’t. 



We are equipped with a wide array of multi-axis CNC Turning machines. High speed, extremely precise and operated by our skilled machinists, CNC turning is used to make cylindrical parts. Also referred to a a “lathe”, turning is one of the oldest machining methods. The addition of CNC (computer numerical control), and the countless tooling options, today we have the ability to achieve unrivaled precision and repeatability. 


We work with most any metals. For specific questions about your application, give us a call. A few of the metals we routinely work with are:


Alpha Machine is your one-stop-shop for all of your precision CNC machining, including our CNC milling services. Unlike CNC turning, in which bars of material are rotated around its center, with CNC milling workpieces are affixed to the machine table with a vice or fixture and a spindle rotates at high speed, while removing material. CNC milling is highly efficient, versatile and accurate. 


Swiss machining is a specialty at Alpha Manufacturing. With our Swiss machining services, we have the ability to machine high quantities of small intricate parts (up to 1.25″). Due to the characteristics of CNC Swiss-type lathes, we have a tremendous amount of versatility. Because the cutting takes place so close to the guide bushing we can achieve consistently high tolerances as well as repeatability with our Swiss machining services.

Live Tooling

Our live tooling capabilities give us the ability to perform secondary machining operations with one setup. With live tooling we can perform additional operations, such as drilling, adding slots as well as milling surfaces. Benefits are increased productivity, accuracy as well as reduced setup times. We are well-equipped to handle your large volume CNC machining needs. 


Not only can Alpha Manufacturing machine whatever metals you need, we also provide metal bending and forming services. We can bend metal from X” to y” thick into a wide variety of shapes.  Examples include:  Request a quote for your next metal bending project or give us a call today!


With our metal grinding service, we can provide you with extremely fine finishes and tight tolerances. Our capabilities include both wet grinding and dry grinding. 


While we are not a true metal fabrication shop, we do have welding capabilities, which can often eliminate the need to drive your parts to another welding shop. 


With a single P.O. we’ll manage your machined parts run from start to finish, no matter your requirements. We have in-house heat treating capabilities, as well as wet and dry surface grinding services. For additional finishes including anodizing, black oxide, plating, powder coating, painting, laser marking or another process, we have trusted partners who meet our high quality standards. Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Reach out to us today to receive pricing on your next machining project.

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