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Nuclear Industry Experience

Alpha has extensive experience with developing, designing, building, modifying and implementing the following nuclear fuel component systems:

  • Grid Welding Fixtures
  • Grid Assembly Fixtures
  • Fixtures for Positioning Grids in Laser Welders
  • Pellet Handling and Loading Equipment
  • End Plug Handling and Loading Equipment
  • Fuel Tube Plugger Tooling
  • Plug and Tube Welding Equipment
  • Rod Handling Equipment
  • Fuel Assembly Handling Equipment
  • Shipping Container Component Production
  • Gaging for Product and Tooling
  • Testing Equipment for Tooling and Product
  • Prototypes and Models

Alpha has experience with a variety of fuel types including:

  • American Designs
  • English Designs
  • Korean Designs
  • Russian Designs

Alpha Manufacturing Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2809
100 Old Barnwell Road
West Columbia, S.C. 29170
Phone: (803) 739-4500
E-mail: young@alphamfg.com