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Alpha is looking for experienced toolmakers as well as recent graduates in Machine Tool Technology that can demonstrate initiative and a willingness to learn.

As a job shop that makes many different products, Alpha needs individuals who can analyze a different blueprint every day and then find workable solutions using the resources available. Our shop is very well equipped with machinery, tooling and gages to expertly perform a large variety of jobs, however, the ideal setup is not always available.

We manage large and small production runs plus prototype development. The work is challenging and rewarding. We adhere to rigid, written quality standards that help to ensure customer satisfaction.

Alpha offers competitive wages and benefits. We offer paid holidays, a casually and fully air-conditioned working environment, a normal 4-10 hour day. We are drug-testing, equal opportunity employer.

We are located in West Columbia, South Carolina. Our offices are 10 minutes from downtown Columbia and 3 minutes from the airport. The metro area has a population of 900,000 and our state offers some of the world’s best golf, fishing and hunting.

You can learn more about Columbia, SC here:
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If you are interested in learning more about our company, please write to us and attach your resume here:



Alpha Manufacturing Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2809
100 Old Barnwell Road
West Columbia, S.C. 29170
Phone: (803) 739-4500
E-mail: young@alphamfg.com